Lovely Lady Lumps …

Tipsy on champagne at a dodgy 'boudoir' photo shoot with friends

A chance to be nude … Tipsy on champagne at a slightly dodgy ‘boudoir’ photo shoot with friends in NYC

“Be not ashamed women, … You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.”
― Walt Whitman

Recently I realized that I don’t listen to the feminine part of my body (my raging hormones and lovely lady lumps) nearly as attentively as I should … I realized that we hadn’t had a nurturing conversation for decades.  

Hi lady-body! What’s going on?!!

This year New York has provided the Mother of all winters! Every week has produced abundant snowfall and temperatures frequently reaching below minus twelve degrees centigrade. I wake up, and then disappointed sink back into the covers – remembering that it’s yet another day of bitter cold weather. Dreaming has become far more exciting than physical reality.

Alas! Here I am complaining in the incredible city of snowy New York – a sin I never thought possible! 

On the plus side, the winter months strip away many pleasures that warmer climates cushion – making room for radical transformation and spiritual growth. All too often I have ignored skipped periods, changes in mood and appetite, and cramps and pain. In the depth of winter my shortcomings are wholly revealed. 

Last Saturday I attended an event called Just Love, hosted by V-Day – a global movement to end violence against women. Founder of V-Day Eve Ensler and author Meggan Watterson spoke about their experiences of abuse that led them to abandon their bodies – it took years of healing for them to come back.

When my body speaks, all too often I have ignored her. In one way or another – whether aesthetically or functionally – I expected her to keep up with my demanding and unrealistic desires rather than compassionately listen to her subtle language and validating her voice. I abandoned my own body when I was a teenager, ashamed and frustrated by her inconvenient changes. 

Something deeply profound happened on Saturday. Between reading Woman Code by Alisa Vitti (a beautiful and funny book about balancing hormones and embracing feminine power) and the meditations, prayers and healing of the Just Love event, I seem to have finally come home to my lady-body. 

I promised to listen compassionately to the sacred language of my female body and to love her (all of her) unconditionally. 

My sweet body – please tell me a story, I am listening. I am committed to your healing x

“Marry yourself first — promise never to leave you!” 
― S.A.R.K.


 My Heart Sings For Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, my period – where are you?! Ayurvedic dosha body oil, B-School by Marie Forleo, V Day, the amazing Jane Goodall, throwing snowballs in the Hudson River and watching them melt, feeding squirrels cashew nuts on the way home. 


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